2.8 Beta

I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened (or at least I can’t find a thread), but now that 2.8 beta has landed, I have to say, I’m comforted.

I was very unsatisfied with the alpha builds, but now, I have high hopes.

there will be adjustments for those of us used to the old way of doing things, but generally, 2.8 is looking very professional and clean. Kudos to the Blender Foundation.

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Really is a nice bit of software, from grease pencil to 2D animation blows me mind + other areas…
Nice job indeed everyone. Many thanks…

I like a lot how 2.8 looks, renders, and feels. Its definitely a more powerful program. I however love old things, still using 2.7 version. I just spent 7 years learning it and as nice as the new features are, gonna need some time to relearn the small changes and layout changes.

I really am kind of set in my old work style, gonna be a big leaning curve as I think personally Simpler works better for personal goals.