2.8 Blender Question

Thought I would start to learn 2.8 Blender. Downloaded todays Beta version and discovered two items that jumped out at me right away.

Could not find user preference in the menus. (Was able to get it with F4 key. I thought I saw where they put it under edit.) Did it move again?

Could not find global undo. When modeling in prior Blender, it had a dual undo. One for edit, one for object. If you edited a mesh and then looked at it in object mode and decided you didn’t like it, you could hit control Z and it would return to the prior mesh shape before you edited it. Did this go away? Now if you are in edit, make changes, view in object and hit undo it reverts back to edit. (just the step before.) Is there a global undo somewhere in 2.8? that will bring this feature back?

There was a (imo kinda weird) decission to put them under that icon.

The option for Global Undo is in System -> Memory & Limits.

The preferences are found in the “Edit” menu – which falls in line with the location consistent with other software.

Not sure about the little icon that Stuntkoala mentions… mine just opens up the splash screen.

This was changed in the last day, so it’s a hot fresh ui change.