2.8 Boolean Collections Plugin

(ewilliams2) #22

Thanks, renaming worked perfectly.

(uruburei) #23

Thank you bobar. that’s work now

(Thomas Nicholson) #24

I just attempted to add this, however even after renaming, I got an error message saying that it could not be found. Can you please help me.

(Zimlorog) #25

I don’t know how you went about adding it, but I’ll go over how I did it.

  1. Copied the code from Pastebin
  2. Created a new text file
  3. Pasted the code
  4. Named the file ‘boolean_collections.py’
  5. Put the file in (User) -> App Data -> Roaming -> Blender Foundation -> Blender -> 2.80 -> scripts -> addons
  6. Activated the addon in Blender
  7. Created a new Hotkey in 3D View -> 3D View (Global)
(Thomas Nicholson) #26

I am new at doing things like this. Do you mean to create a new text file inside Blender?

(Lsscpp) #27

Any text editor, Blender included

(Zimlorog) #28

Like this:

(Thomas Nicholson) #29

Thank you for your help.

(batFINGER) #30

I would suggest taking the 2.8 out of the pastebin page title. Check to see if there’s a way to give it a saner filename .


(Ispheria) #31

Updated the plugin. See updated video for details