(2.8) Can I sculpt with modifier (subdiv & multires & mirror)


2.79 is fine to sclupt while using modifier

but 2.8 it’s not. Is It normal current version? or Is there option to turn on to see what is looks like with modifier? there is a multires normal map bake but I cannot use it because of it. I really want to use such new tech to making my model,

I cannot find clear answer, So I post here first time. Please help Thanks

I advice you to wait for the official 2.80 release. Its yet to be finalized.

thanks that’s normal then, I’m using it because EEVEE is really amazing, my workflow get faster.

but I have to sculpt with 2.79 for now.

sculpting on the multires modifier in 2.8 is broken at the moment, I tried it a yesterday it wasn’t working and crashed on me.

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