2.8 crash while using undo

second 2.8 crash while undoing. Not even complex stuff, I was using snapping and the forgot to turn it off and did an extrude , exited edit mode then notice the extrude had also snapped so I just wanted to undo that with CTRL Z one , two , three … blender crashed so well it just completely vanished in front of my eyes. Not a beep or a boop , not a warning , no crash handing … everything just gone like it never existed.

Then even worse when opening blender again and trying to use recover last session. It loaded a blender file from a different project from a different directory I had been working on yesterday. I saved my file several times today , while working… why is recover not recognizing this project as the last session?

So that is ttwo bugs. This is also the second time undo has crashed in 2.8. : i7 rtx 2060 win 10, 32GB mem

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Have to say, 2.8 is not very good at handling undo/redo, I experience pretty much all my crashes when using undo.


Yeah, there have been issues with undo performance in 2.80, hopefully they’ll have those issues sorted out by 2.81. In the mean time you’ll have to save often.

Blender also saves a copy of your blend to your system’s temp directory every 2 minutes. If you manually navigate to that folder it might still be there:

Oh and you know how everytime you save a project you get a .blend and file named .blend1? the extra file is another copy of the first that is slightly older. If you save a change you don’t like you can check that file to see if the change wasn’t saved there.

Just gonna have to be super save paranoid :wink: …Thanks bro ,I am aware of those files , I have being using blender for a long time already :wink: This is more a case that the UI option to recover last session , did not recognize any of the work i did today prior to the crash as the last session…? As mentioned it opened up a file from a different project in a different directory, stuff I worked on yesterday. So something is wrong here. I mentioned I did save the file several times today already before this crash so why this current project is not recognized as the last session i dont know …

Same issue. Blender 2.81

Same issue with 2.82 and 2.83. The program is almost unusable.

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:slightly_frowning_face: Particularly the Sculpt Mode’s undo system is very unreliable. I really hope it will be addressed soon.

Turns out my problem was related to this. I’ve just cleaned them out and it appears to be fixed for me. I was at my wit’s end on a 10-hour modeling session yesterday. :laughing:

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