2.8 Default Keymap

The only thing I don’t like about the new keymap is how they’ve set deselect all to Alt+A. The way I see it, dropping your selections is practically a rote action, it’s not something you really want to have to think about doing. It needs to be immediate, and easily accessible.

If I were to change it, I’d reverse the order. Alt+A should be select all, since, at least for me, that tends to be a more deliberate action. A should drop everything.

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Yeah, it was perfectly fine before. I don’t see why this had to be changed. And it’s a huge pain to customize this to put it back to what it was too since it’s in so many contexts.


Haha. Yeah. I was experimenting with both Press & Click for Tab. I didn’t instantly notice the difference, but Campbell actually pointed it out to me on the task chat. When its set to press, the toggle action activates whenever you hold down Tab for the click-drag event for the pie. So setting it to click actually by-passes that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve really enjoyed reversing the changes made in the past few days to the default key-map. If anything out of curiosity and it’s definitely been a learning experience. But I can’t imagine how a Blender newbie or someone not so comfortable with messing around deep into the key-map editor will ever be able to find and change/edit this stuff. :confused:

You’re most welcome bud. I’ve been a long time lurker, your post actually made me wanna sign-up and start sharing. Glad I got to help someone on my virgin post here. :yum:


Pretty much. Everything else I’ve about gotten used to. A lot of it even makes more sense once you get the feel for it down.

…except for that. Hitting Alt+A whenever I accidentally highlight the wrong thing cuz I’m using the wrong element select is just too clunky for its own good.

If there was click on empty space to deselect this shortcut wouldn’t be that important and alt+A would be good(even Ctrl+A for select all).

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I vaguely recall talk about them adding an empty space deselect. If I’m not misremembering something else, and it’s in the works, that’d make my complaints just about moot.

Yeah it’s a bit of work to change every single Alt + A and also A listing on the key-map to get back the Toggle (De)Select functionality. Going back to the 2.7X preset doesn’t help because then you lose out on some of the nice features from the new default. :slightly_frowning_face:

Basically you’ve got to search for every single key-map listing for Alt A. — Uncheck every single entry that says (De)Select & Select All. (Toggle Selected for the Outliner) - Total of 22 entries.

Then search the key-map listing for A. — Expand it and change the action from Select to Toggle. (Again, should be 22-23 entries)

Here’s an example part of how it can be done. For anyone interested of course. :slight_smile:

Going through this entire list, it made me appreciate how much work Campbell has been doing changing/re-doing most of the key-map stuff. But at the same time, most of this seems like quite Double-The-Work. But hey, whatever the guys upstairs ask for right? :wink:

Hope this helps.


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This is part of the upcoming industry standard keymap

You know, the good stuff always comes at the end… :wink:

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Yes but Campbell is the python guru… I’ll bet he just scripts some quick macro to edit this stuff!

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Aah, good to know. Well in that case let’s just wait and see the final product.

Haha. Ikr? And here us peasants gotta go key by key, single command at a time. Praying we don’t cock something else up in the process. :sweat_smile: And then we download the new commit for the next day. And something else has changed including something we already changed the day before. Oh, Joy! :relaxed:

It’s been ages since I wrote an add-on but if you know python at all its worth checking out how add-ons create there own keymap options… its quite easyy to understans and that way you can write a script to allow you to override the standard keymap parts you like whilst getting any other changes in each new build

Most modern add-ons give you keymap checkboxes too so you you can pick and choose your overides and even set them to custom keys

That does seem quite handy. I’m thinking of learning some python on the side. This might actually make a good project to slowly work towards. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see a more streamlined & noob friendly hotkey editor for blender. It’ll definitely help new users get a feel for customizing the key-map to their liking.

Or like you said bud, maybe even an add-on that can take away the fear of messing around in the hotkey editor away for starters. :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the motive behind the new Minimal Default Keymap. And the effort that has gone into getting it right. I love how freeing it is to be able to not look at an ocean of hotkeys and be afraid as to which ones I can and can’t use without conflicting with another hotkey.

But at the same time, some of the changes which were made default were not really expected or well received. I know they had their reasons, for example.The A & Alt + A for (De)Select, Ctrl + Tab for Mode Pie, Etc.

I can tell from the chatter here and at the dev-talk forums that most of us preferred it not be changed. But it was changed and shipped as default anyway. Without a simple way to go back. Nobody hates change, it’s all personal preference. But at the same time, you should always keep a way out for those of us who don’t really wanna make that switch.

Changing to 2.7X was a no-go. Because you lose some of the niceties from the new default key-map. And for example, there was no Simple way to go back to having A as a Toggle for Select/De-Select, and Tab + Drag for Mode Pies. You literally have to type in operators and change actions for 2 dozen hotkeys just to have that back. :confused:

Honestly don’t mind change. Just dislike it when it kinda Forces users to change without a way back.

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Out of curiosity, since pie menus are built into Blender now, is there a hotkey under the new set to bring up perspective switching? I’ve done some cursory looking about, but I haven’t been able to find anything, and I really miss my old perspective pie.

…and yeah, I could use the numpad, which is what I’m doing now, but I don’t like it quite as much.

Auto-Perspective is pretty cool if you don’t have it on. You can use the View Pie Menu to jump to Ortho views. and Middle-Mouse Orbit and you’re auto-switched back into perspective. :slight_smile: I’ll try look around to see if there is a hotkey for Perspective switching.

That’s the way I had it set up in 2.79. It was handy being able to go from a free perspective, to a set ortho view with a click of a hotkey, and a swish of the mouse.

I’ve been using the new Alt-MMB switch in 2.8, which has been alright, if not nearly as precise.

Yeah Auto-Perspective is actually turned-on by default in 2.8. Always preferred it that way. Only occasionally do I wanna switch the user view between perspective and ortho.

Yeah, the Alt + MMB is a really cool idea. Could use a bit of tweaking as it derps when trying to switch from top-bottom or do a quick snap to a preferred view. It’s good to quickly switch between 2 ortho views while working tho. :slight_smile:

Also, if it’s the Perspective/Ortho switching command you were talking about. Maybe you can add it to your ‘Q’ Quick-Menu for faster access? :slight_smile:

Tilde (the key above tab on a QWERTY keyboard) should have a pie menu for changing views, but I don’t think it has persp/ortho toggles.

I’ve not tried a build with that enabled so will reserve judgement… but with auto perspective enabled and the old 2.79 view snap it always seemed odd that if you snap to front or side it stayed in perspective mode… like half a feature!

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Yeah. It snaps and it makes it seem like you’re in an ortho view, but it’s actually still perspective. Like you said bud, half a feature. :roll_eyes:

Now if we could have a sweet love child of both the old MMB + Alt for 45-90 degree snaps, and every 90 degree snap is set in orthographic views like the new Alt + MMB Gesture thing does. Would be sweet no? :slightly_smiling_face:

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