2.8 Disappearing Workspace Tabs?

It had been a few weeks since I downloaded the latest 2.8 build when I did this morning (March 12, 14:38:10 - 936014ea8c74) – now some of the Workspaces (UV Editing, Shading, Rendering, Compositing, & Scripting) no longer have the Workspaces bar. I can still change workspace using Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown, but I can’t make the WS tabs show again in those workspaces. There’s a tiny tab with a carot symbol that looks like it should be doing that, but clicking it does nothing.

Is there a way to make the WS tab bar show up on those workspaces, or is this something the devs are gonna fix in an upcoming build?

Chiming in from January 2020: Same thing, I was working along, switched to Animation tab, worked some more, and eventually noticed all the workspace tabs were gone (so I don’t know precisely when they disappeared).

Couldn’t locate an easy fix, so Save/Quit, restarted, and they’re back.

Any inputs? Any suggestions on how to reload the Workspaces when they disappear?

What I found out in March 2019 was that the workspace tabs could be shown/hidden per workspace (hidden in one workspace would still show in the others), and that in the latest builds the developers had by default hidden the workspace tabs in some of the workspaces. Needless to say they fixed the hidden workspace tab defaults in a later build, but there’s a way to show/hide the workspace tabs and I can’t currently find it, sorry.

Could this be a case of maximizing an area with Ctrl+Space or Ctrl+Alt+Space? With the former, area is maximized but header is kept and you only get a “back to previous” button instead of workspace selectors. With the latter, most everything of the UI is hidden, including the header. In both cases, shortcuts for switching workspaces still work.