2.8 EEVEE light problem

(Justin) #1

Dear forum members and Blender enthusiasts.

First I want to say that Blender Eevee is very fun and promising.
One problem I can’t find a solution for is that when I create a tunnel for example and place a light outside of it. The light is coming through the wall like the walls don’t even exist.

Is this some sort of material problem? I only use a diffuse map with a color on the walls.

Thanks in advance.

Im on a Imac 2017 5k with AMD radeon pro 570. Planning to sell my iMac and get a big pc in return :slight_smile:

(rogper) #2

Try to play with the clip start and end of the Lamp causing the issue, also with the other values of the lamp like “Bias” and “Bleed bias”… also enable/disable contact shadows. Finding the right combination may solve the problem. It’s a Lamp Issue, it is not materials related.

…Ho and give tickness to the walls :slight_smile: