2.8 how to see selected mesh in UV edit window?

i just switched to 2.8 and about to jump off a cliff, everything has changed. anyhoo
i’m trying to uv edit my model, in the old one you select the vertex you want on the right panel and it shows up if uv mapped on the left panel, then you can move the mapping around
now when i select something on the right, there is nothing on the left
i know its already uv mapped but just to be sure i did an unwrap
i checked the normals on my selection and they are facing out
so i’m totally confused.
i wondered if i need to resync the model with the UV so i wanted to do this

the first answer, but there is no such button anymore.

i’m confused, thanks
BTW, incase you think the selection is just too small i see i made it bigger

FYI, i just tried saving the model as fbx and opening it in 2.79 and texture mapping works fine, but i think i’d like to stick with 2.8. i expect its just a simple problem.


This is normal. . . you are not displaying the right window … :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently, your left window is set to “Image Editor”. . . so you cannot display your UV.
Switch this window to “UV Editor

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awesome, i guess i must have switched to to image and didn’t realize, thx