2.8 Image plane scaling when Locked?

Not sure if this is a bug or an intended feature. I have an image plane set up. I have locked it in location, rotation and scale. But I can still grab the image and scale it when the mouse it hovering over the edge and it turns into the yellow outline. Shouldn’t this respect the fact that the image plane is locked?

Not sure why this isn’t working but you can turn off “selectable” setting in the object properties or in the outliner (but it’s hidden by default now). Maybe there is a setting specifically for images somewhere, but i couldn’t find it.

Thanks for the info. I checked select able and that works. Maybe it’s not so much as bug as an expected workflow issue. Too late for this release but I It would be nice to have the option to Lock a layer or item, make it selectable or not and move to a new collection as a right mouse function in the outliner.