2.8 makes adding Nodes more difficult. Need them back on the T pane, please

2.8 makes adding Nodes more difficult. In 2.79, you can type the letter T and get a set of logically organized tabs, each displaying buttons for Nodes you can choose to add.

2.8 has none of this, AFAIK. I must pick through several successive menus.

Need them back on the T pane, please.

The t-panel toolbar was too clicky for me. I always preferred the shift+a pop up. It allowed for super fast access to individual nodes, once you learned the keychain to get there.

Want an image node? Shift+a,t,t
Want an emission shader? Shift+a,h,e

But different strokes for different folks, I believe they are adding tab access back to the toolbar API at some point, so there may be hope for an addon that reproduces the t-panel in the future. In the meantime, try practicing the keyboard access, it’s super effective.

I know the feeling. Currently I am working on an alternative solution via addon, but I have no ETA yet. It currently relies on hacks, workarounds, and black magic. Hope it does not break as 2.8 development continues…

About Shift+A. At least for me, it would be good if with it you could add more than one node at the same time without the dialog being closed each time. For example, Shift+A, but holding Shift key the dialog is not closed. Here we could have two options. While dialog is open just go pressing buttons for adding nodes just as T panel worked, and add dialog disappear when releasing Shift key. Or it could be implemented some kind of check boxes to select all the nodes you are going to add while add dialog is open, and when you release Shift key all the nodes are added at the same time.

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I think they should steal some things from Unreal here. In Unreal you right click and get a search menu. It drills down to what you want. There are some simple hotkeys for common things like vectors, scalar values, etc. It would be nice to just press M then click to get a color mixer, or v then click to get a Value node, etc.

There are some shortcuts and search in Blender right now but you have to click more. For example: You hit Shift-A then you have to click search on top to get to search. Two clicks. If you want to add a Value node, you have to type Shift-a, then I, then V. That’s a lot to remember imo. They should add the search and node add menu to the right click menu imo and make it so that you right click and start typing it immediately starts to search though the nodes.

They should also add the ability to drag from a pin to empty space and get the node menu.

These are all good ideas IMO.

No matter what they go with, this remains true: in a visual interface where visible pieces are selected & connected, it makes sense to offer a visual interface for selecting them.

Like the one that was already there. :wink: