2.8 Mirrors?

Is Blender.org the only place to download it? :frowning:

I think it’s getting hammered.

Hi, b.org use mirrors already, iirc it is automatically balanced depends on location and so forth.

Cheers, mib

Daily new Builds.

Thanks guys.

It was a weird download but I got it eventually. :slight_smile:
Really digging it!

Some clients will still want files in Max and Maya but after using Max since DOS, I have officially moved on. :heart:

The Buildbot Experimental downloads are NOT the Release Candidate build! The RC has been delayed a bit due to some last minute bug fixing and should be out Real Soon Now.

Please don’t hammer the poor buildbot as it’s starting to glow and that can’t be good.

The real RC Will be linked from the main Blender front page and will be available on all mirrors worldwide.

Just a teeny bit more patience is needed.

The 2.80 Release Candidate will officially be available tomorrow EU daytime to allow time for all the mirrors to sync up.