2.8 motion blur artifacts

So every time i turn on motion blur on a render where there is physics involved i get this weird artifacts. The physics are baked. at first i thought it was my awkward workflow with alembic but it started happening even with vanilla blender baked physics. the only way to fix it is either turning off motion blur or lowering the shutter speed

it only happens on certain frames. it’s easy to fix when it’s just 3 or 4 frames but sometimes i have it on every other frame completely destroying the render

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I’m having the same issue with a simple particle animation. occasional random dark frames…any word on this?

I’m using 2.82a and it seems like it solved the issue with motion blur black frames

Hmmm…I am too, but I’m still getting the black frames. I guess when I switch over to the next version I’ll have to see if it does it again…thanks!

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Wanna say I have the same problem, If someone found the solution I would be glad, thanks