2.8 normal map baking broken?

(Unreal3DFX) #41

BA forum wont accept 31mb file which is compressed to 7z because it contains 1.5 million poly hi res data.

Here is output produced by Substance Painter. You know good file hosting to upload?

(helluvamesh) #42

http://pasteall.org/blend/ - limit: 30MB

(Unreal3DFX) #43

Nope, won’t accept splitted .7z and .blend itself is around 100mb because hipoly mesh.

(helluvamesh) #44

Then there’s OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox.

(zeauro) #45

Do you obtain an other result by varying Ray Distance setting ?

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zeauro: I tested Ray Distance settings little bit but not much(result was even worse). If you can obtain ringht setting let me know :slight_smile: Anyway Substance baked result is like i wanted to be.

(helluvamesh) #47

There are artifacts in the Substance bake, too, just not as glaring as in Blender. For perfect results in any baker you can’t have floating unclosed geometry in the low poly mesh. The low-poly mesh should be manifold. Hard edges, open edges, floationg geometry, opposing faces too close to each other all can cause artefacts when baking. That’s why the highpoly to lowpoly baking workflow is too tiresome and not well suited for hard surface modeling.

Anyway, here’s my result:

When applied to the mesh the artefacts would probably not be worse that the artafacts Substance generated. Most of them are in hidden parts. You would have to remove the artefacts in an image editor in case of both normalmaps.

What exactly cause your artifacts are floating unclosed geometry that is intersecting the rest of the mesh, creating artefacts around the intersection. So the main problem is that there are intersecting parts in the low-poly mesh.

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Thank you for informative post, i will record your post for my future reminder, half year ago i did not know anything about hi-poly to low-poly bake but now things will improve step by step. I have used unclosed geometry before too that was well fitted inside main mesh and it worked well, this SM_Clamp was worst case.


I think Tangent Space normal map baking is broken in today build(4/4/2019)? Or maybe I’m noob… it seems to ignore high poly altogether. Attached is the blend file.

BakeTest.blend (1.1 MB)

(duketogo) #50

Here my baking result.

And your normal looks fine. It’s how normal work.


Thank you! I thought it looks weird in 2d so i didn’t even bother to plug in the normal map… :slight_smile:

Seems to look correct in UE4 also!