2.8 on MacOS 10.14 Cannot select vertices in Edit Mode

I just downloaded Blender 2.8. I’m on a MacOS 10.14.4. With a fresh install, all the defaults, I go into Edit Mode on the starting cube, click dragging over vertices or clicking directly on vertices does not select them.

I can select edges and faces just fine but not vertices. I’ve loaded factory settings, deleted my userpref.blend, toggled OpenGL depth picking but still cannot select vertices.

I’ve searched around the net for a solution but haven’t found anything. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I had the same issue - that was fixed in the latest build I think. Something about intel graphics cards, but it’s all better now.

Sweet! Downloading the latest build May 20th e78770039397 fixed the issue for me. Thanks a bunch Dan! Much appreciated!

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