2.8 Outlined/Coloured Icon Adaptation

More importantly, which one is the master sheet that Blender compiles from? There should be a link to a file that will be perpetually current (even if that may be a .svg link).

I think @jendrzych has the link always up-to-date in his thread !

The PNG sheets don’t actually exist anywhere, the script for compiling the .svg into .dat files makes them temporarily then deletes them.

Also current depends on if you want the latest sheet Jendrzych is working on, or what’s currently in the blender git repository.

Jendrzych keeps a relatively current .svg on the first post here

In the git it’s under blender/release/datafiles/blender_icons.svg

The .svg files have a page size that if used when exporting to PNG will be the right size for the 1x icons.

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Would be cool if blender’s icons would be customizable in a easy way (not in the tricky way) and with the max quality possible. That shall open the door to more interesting initiatives like this one. Thinking about how blender’s community is, would be a question of time for to appears some other incredible cool icons, just like the new 2.8 ones already are.

what do you mean? the patch now let everybody use the icons they want. What tricks remain?

They are later created again in BUILDDIR/release/datafiles/ along the .c files, just in case anyone wants to see them or use as base for own versions.

SVG (kept in git) -> PNG -> split to multiple .dat to keep in git (and PNG deleted) -> reassembled at compile time as PNG -> converted to C.

It is the same quality you get with official builds. Blender uses pixmaps internally, 32 * 32 and 16 * 16, if smaller or bigger are needed, OpenGL does the resizing (in the case of smaller, via mipmaps Blender generates from the 16 * 16 version).

Oh, that’s nice to know - I never checked the final builds for the files.

But which is the methodology to edit it? how the patch works? In MacOs I tried to acces to the svg files and only found compiled files.

really guys, for a new listener, all this (patch, svgs, compiling) sounds tuff. What I should do to test my own icons? I’m have some ideas to test on… :grimacing:

This is a billion times better than all white icons (!!!)