2.8 outliner problems

I have installed the 2.8 product release and most things seems to work.
The way I am used to working (on complex scenes with lots of overlaid and nesting parts) means that I use naming extensively and the outliner for selecting object, setting up parenting and even selecting individual bones when things get really congested.

Although I like the look of the outliner and greatly appreciate the abillity to create nested groups of objects etc. I can’t select objects and I can’t open and close collections. It just doesn’t respond to my mouse clicks.

I would like to migrate to 2.8 but I really don’t feel I can commit until the outliner functionality is improved.

I’d really appreciate it f people could say whether they share these opinions or maybe I am doing something wrong.

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In addition, William Reynish (the UI/UX guy) has made merging this project a high priority for 2.81.

As a result, there’s a chance it could be in master by Fall.

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Thanks. As I said, I instinctively like the outliner and the principle of collections. It can be very powerful, but there’s also the risk of it turning into a mess if it is not designed right.

I’ll keep tracking this and might hold off on my migration to 2.8 till 2.81

I think I might have got to the bottom of my original problem. Selecting objects, opening branches etc in the outliner appears to require shift+click as opposed to the simple click that is sufficient in the viewport. Is there a good reason for this? I would have thought it would be more useful to keep the two interfaces aligned.

It shouldn’t require the shift key. Have you tried resetting to Factory Defaults?