2.8 poly count max?

(MickHanks) #1

Windows 8x and up can take 512GB of RAM. Does Blender have a poly limit? that is if you have the RAM?
Will 2.8 handle a higher poly count the 2.7xx


Wait, I’m confused. Cant, 2.78 handle infinitely many polys, so long as you have infinitely good hardware? I mean, theres no limit in the software for how many polys you can have. Yes, 2.8 will be better optimized, all updates usually are a bit, but it doesn’t objectively mean it can handle “more polygons” l. As far as I know, this is mostly dependent on your machine

(Ace Dragon) #3

The only area where there’s been polycount limitations in the past have been game engines (due to performance differences between using a 16 bit value vs. a 32 bit one).

In DCC apps. the only limitation is how much data you can store in your system’s RAM (the more you have, the larger the scene that can be done).

(Piotr Adamowicz) #4

Well, on 64 bit Blender, there is a software limit, at 16 exabytes of ram :smiley:

So if you have more than that, you’re out of luck :wink:

(MickHanks) #5


So you’re saying Blender can exceed the limit of the OS RAM?

(Piotr Adamowicz) #6

No, I’m merely assuming the existence of an OS that would support it by the time 32 exabyte systems hit the market :stuck_out_tongue:

If you run 64 bit Blender on one of those, you’ll be limited to just half your ram.

It’s a joke.