2.8 Release Not saving my changes on OS X or Windows 10

I feel like I’m losing my mind because I can’t find any info about this. Working in OS X on a MacPro (Mid 2012) High Sierra, and any changes to my scene are completely ignored. I make changes, save and/or save a copy nothing saves. I went over to my laptop with latest Windows 10 (updated everything today) and open the file, make changes save, save a copy and then open wither the current version or the copy, NOTHING SAVED??? I tried copying all the scene objects, lights, camera etc. pasted into a brand new file on my Windows laptop, make changes save…the SAME previous state without my changes is ALWAYS the same!!! What the hell am I doing wrong here? Everything is set as default and there are no custom settings, just install blender, open, work, save, nothing saves.

I noticed on my Mac there was no path for temporary files. So I made one under Users/Documents and I see the autosave files there. Open one, same state with all 5 versions saved. This exact same thing happens on Windows, which does have the default path for temporary files set, and I always get the same results. I’m going crazy trying to figure this out and just gave up out of pure frustration.

I tried starting a new file with some random shapes and saved after making some modeling changes and adding new objects. Everything works fine. But the file I want to work on is still stuck in some previous state and simply won’t save anything I do. I can share the file if interested, it is just a simple low poly scene from this tutorial:

Thanks for any help, I don’t feel comfortable working in Blender until I understand what has happened to this basic file.

So this is a specific 2.79 file that’s not working right in 2.80? Does it make any difference if you start 2.80 with the default scene, then File->Open… and uncheck the Load UI box when opening your file? You could also open the file, then Edit->Preferences and in he hamburger menu in the lower left load the default/factory preferences and see if that does anything.

Are there any messages written to the console either when you open the file or save the new one?

You may ght also try the current 2.81 alpha build.

Hey Zoot,

Actually this file was made entirely in 2.8.75 release version. I’ve tried opening the file from a default new scene as well. I reset the prefs to factory, even though there was nothing ever changed in them. I looked for a new beta, but couldn’t find one I will look again (have a link by chance?). I am not sure where the console readout has moved to.

The other odd thing, is that not only does the file not save, but when opening, it moves many objects away from there original origin. I am using a mirror modifier, and things also get rotated around by 180 degrees. It’s really quite maddening as it makes zero sense why this is continuously happening. The fact that I moved the file to a PC, and then copied the entire scene and pasted to a new file, then remade the collections and saved again does nothing…I’m about done trying, but as mentioned, don’t want to dare make another scene and have this happen all over again until I know what the hell is going on?!?

Thank you very much for responding, and if you have any other suggestions I am more than willing to give them a go. Ditching this basic tutorial file is no sweat, but I don’t trust the program enough to open scenes from 2.79 while this is happening. I don’t want to risk losing something I spent days on from previous builds.

Also, this may have started when I used Revert. I immediately noticed the file was not saved correctly and that things moved the first time I used Revert. Ever since, a continuous loop of insanity that makes no sense to me. Just for kicks, I moved everything back to where it should be, saved, then save as new name…open file, exactly the same incorrect state, objects moves, rotated, nothings saved…I’m done.

Ok…this is a definite, repeatable bug. As a last ditch effort to salvage this little scene, I thought I would try exporting as a DAE and OBJ. The DAE export seemed fine. However when I exported the scene as OBJ, after the export window closed, the scene REVERTED BACK AGAIN to the incorrect state all by itself. I hit undo, and it jumped back to my corrected saved state.

Both OBJ and DAE files import to the same incorrect state not saving anything correctly.

This is a step by step repeatable bug, but I’m not sure where to report this?

In Blender go to Help menu at the top, there you will find a Report a Bug option. It will take you to the Blender developer page, to the Report a Bug form. You need to create an account to use the bug reporting form if this is your first time using this feature. Once you log in, It is explained on this page how to report, and what information is needed, e.g. system info and Blender version.

Thank you, I will sign up later today and report this.

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