[2.8] Rigify Controls won't Follow Physics Objects

Hello, I have a character that’s using a human rigify rig. I used a copy location bone control for the IK foot control to a triangle plane that uses a soft body sim (I need the body to float on an ocean modifier but each limb has independent control). When I move around the triangle in the viewport it works fine but when I run the simulation, the triangles fall and the body doesn’t follow. Is there a way I can get the IK controls of the rig to follow the triangles?

The copy location constraint will only copy the center of the object, not elements of it’s mesh.

You need to look at vertex parents… you can parent an empty to 1 or 3 vertexes of a mesh, and then you can copy location to the empties. Infact - if you set the ocean mod to not generate a new mesh you can have the empties parented to that directly.

Having said that - you’ll get better results if you animate the body by hand rather than leave it to physics. A floating object will move along a smoother path than the ripply surface of the water, and should be about 5 frames late.

Since the floating body probably creates riples on the surface itself i would suggest another approach. I would probably use a high res plane with a displacemented animated noise map to get some soft waves. Then place empties on that plane where the ik controls supposed to be and bind them via surface deform modifier to the plane. After you parent (or constrain) the controls to the empties you should have a illusion of a body floating. Now you can apply the ocean surface and make it react with the body. That just a thought but should work. If it is a scene with stormy water and 30 feet waves i would try another aproach of course.

Edit: Oops wrong reply, this was ment for SinjnCortes