2.8 Show mesh vertices IDs

Is this not available in 2.8 anymore?
I cant find it.

first you need to go to user preferences
display tab and set developer extra

then in viewport select Vert - edge or face
in Overlays set indices

and you will see verts or edges or face index in viewport

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I have a problem. I am not able to display the vertex id in blender 2.8.1. Developer Extras is turned on and still the Vertex ID overlay doesn’t show up.
I reported the bug but but apparently it is very random. In some configurations it works in other it doesn’t. Does anyone have the same problem?

can you see this ?

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Yes I can but I used to display that in object mode. Was that an add on?

no it is in 2.81
but follow instructions given earlier
it should work

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I am sorry I think I am missing something.
I went to Interface> Developer Extras.
What is the next step?
I can display the vertex index in edit mode now, but I can’t display in object mode.

index show only in edit mode !

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… coming back to this subject… :wink:

is there a way to change the color and size of the index font?

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Themes → 3D Viewport → Face angle text

in 2.9 you can change font size all over UI
by changing the resolution scale in interface

problem is that text font size change faster then the font for index

or may be in the UI panel python script
but did not check it out in 2.9

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