2.8 Skin Modifier problem

I’m using 2.8 on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, and I’ve created a tree shape from merging a cube into center to make a point and then extruding into trunk and branches. When I apply the Skin Modifier, it does something I can only describe in pictures. Below are screen caps of before and after the modifier is applied, both taken at the same zoom level of the view. It blows out all over the place into infinity. I would just chalk it up to the fact that this version is still in beta, except that I see it being done correctly elsewhere online, so it might be something I’m doing wrong. Any advice appreciated! Thanks!


vertices have a radius value that you can change with ctrl+a if my memory is right, or from the sidebar, under the transform values. This radius value is used by the skin modifier to make it thinner or thicker. From your picture I’d say the value is much too high.

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Thank you, Hadriscus! That was the problem, I had the scale set to 50 from when I was trying to scale up whole tree. I set it to 1, applied the Skin again, and now it looks (sort of) like a tree. :wink: Thanks again, I appreciate all your help!