2.8 suggestion to improve the measure tool

I played around with the measure tool today.
It’s a neat little tool.
One suggestion to possible improve it a bit:
Besides of being able to snap the ruler to random locations along an edge and even random² locations on a face, it would be even more useful to also being able to snap it on the middle of an edge and the median point of a face I would say.

Greetings Martin

Here’s what I want this tool to do… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell yeah… :wink:

my thoughts exactly Red wax: Why not simply have the Most likely use of this tool, which is as you have shown: snap the extended arrow end to a edge vertex or face …Woudl add that it is also needed to make the removal of any or all measurements simple/ fast /direct, while still in the edit mode. Viz; escape , x, backspace or whatever key it takes… Not going, as some suggested, to annotate in the N/properties bar and removing it or the toolbar in a different mode and deleting the measurement tool…