2.8 UI / workspace design [closed]


(mluisser) #1

Hi everybody!

I’m looking for a developer with experience / know-how in blender 2.8 UI (scripting).

Goal of the work is to create a pure “3D viewer” workspace that allows a user without blender know-how to look at and navigate through a simple scene without changing it. So basically a 3D Viewport and Outliner (for showing/hiding objects) with everything disabled/hidden that allows changes to the scene by user interaction. This includes keyboard shortcuts, tools and properties panels and (RMB) menues. For disabling menues and changing some of the viewport elements (e.g. transform orientations, …) a cost/benefit discussion will be done before implementation. The whole setup does not need to be tamper proof, just prevent layman users to be confronted with the full wealth of tools and options of blender while still allowing them to view a scene.

We do have decent know-how of blender and scripting ourselves so you won’t be discussing with newbies. Ideally there will be future collaborations based on this work to include UI hooks for scripts that we created ourselves.

Please provide a rough cost and time estimate when replying - to be refined when we discuss details. There is no immediate deadline for this project.

[Edit: developer found, offer closed]