2.8 wireframe overlay issue

I was working in 2.8 since January, and love everything about it especially how model is displayed in viewport.
Recently I had to download newer version (30.03.2019) to work with some addon i bought and I noticed that something changed in viewport.

Here is screenshot of older 2.8 from January (on the left) and the same model in 2.8 downloaded on March 30th (right):

LEFT As you see edges from wireframe overlay option end where they’re supposed to, at the connection between objects.

RIGHT Edges for some reason are displayed where they shouldn’t (also colors seem to be slightly different, witch might be connected to the issue)

I tried to find something in preferences but with no luck.
It is a minor issue but it realy annoys me especially because it wasn’t there in previous version.
I can’t upload this file, but problem is easy to recreate if you place two dense meshes on each other at flat angle (ie UV sphere on box).

Please let me know if you have it the same way or if you have any idea what could cause it.