2.80 Clay Render Material Override

Hi everyone. I am struggling with clay renders in blender 2.80. I used to use material override and it was simple as that in 2.79 by cycles but I cant find any solution in 2.80 eevee. Is there any way to do this beside doing each model one by one which is ridiculous.

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Material override not in Eevee yet I assume. Cumbersome workaround, but you can make a node group you put at the end of all materials you want affected, and inside you have a mix shader mixing between the input shader and the clay material. Didn’t try, but don’t see why it shouldn’t work. As long as you don’t expose the mix value to the group, it will be global and affect all materials having the group.

Yes, it works.
I use this method for render material with normal and displacement, hide some shader (like glass) with transparent parameter, and keep emission shader.