2.80 Fedora 30 - Segmentation fault & invisible 3D cursor in latest x64 build (25 May)

Hello, I’ve been using 2.80 since last summer on various computers and operating systems, but the latest build from blender.org came with a bunch of brand new bugs, and I’ve been unable to find any answer or workaround so far.

My main problem is that Blender (both 32 and 64-bits versions) crashes everytime I try to select (regardless of the initial RMB / LMB setup, I tried both) something in edit mode, resulting in this terminal output :

Read prefs: /home/name/.config/blender/2.80/config/userpref.blend
AL lib: (EE) GetLoadedHrtf: Invalid header in /usr/share/openal/hrtf/default-44100.mhr: "MinPHR02"
AL lib: (EE) GetLoadedHrtf: Failed to load /usr/share/openal/hrtf/default-44100.mhr
AL lib: (EE) GetLoadedHrtf: Invalid header in /usr/share/openal/hrtf/default-48000.mhr: "MinPHR02"
AL lib: (EE) GetLoadedHrtf: Failed to load /usr/share/openal/hrtf/default-48000.mhr
found bundled python: /home/name/Documents/Logiciels/blender-2.80/2.80/python
Writing: /tmp/blender.crash.txt
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

And the blender.crash.txt :

# Blender 2.80 (sub 72), Commit date: 2019-05-25 19:22, Hash 36ae49502bbe
bpy.ops.object.editmode_toggle()  # Operator

# backtrace
./blender(BLI_system_backtrace+0x1d) [0x138104d]
./blender() [0x1168719]
/lib64/libc.so.6(+0x37f40) [0x7fa475846f40]
./blender(EDBM_select_id_bm_elem_get+0x87) [0x2bdbba7]
./blender(EDBM_vert_find_nearest_ex+0x22d) [0x2bdc09d]
./blender() [0x2bdcdd2]
./blender(EDBM_select_pick+0xd9) [0x2be0509]
./blender() [0x2d1201b]
./blender() [0x152ebbd]
./blender() [0x1531efa]
./blender() [0x1532bd3]
./blender() [0x153310c]
./blender(wm_event_do_handlers+0x41d) [0x153395d]
./blender(WM_main+0x20) [0x1529e00]
./blender(main+0x30a) [0x10cea5a]
/lib64/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xf3) [0x7fa475832f33]
./blender(_start+0x2a) [0x116502a]

I have strictly no idea how to interpret these outputs, and I haven’t been able to find previous Linux builds on blender.org, so I’d really appreciate any help here. Thanks !

There aren’t any previous builds kept around by the build process unfortunately, so always keep the download archive around in case you need to fall back to a working version.

What video hardware does your system have?

You can try the latest download that was just generated, though there have only been a few fixes since yours (it being the weekend), and/or you can submit a bug via Help->Report a Bug which will fill in your Blender and OS information automagically.

Thanks, I’ll do just that. I figured out the problem was caused by a system / library update, Blender went back to normal after I rolled back my latest upgrades.