2.80 game engine?

Hey I have looked online and can’t tell if there is still a bge or not… is there?

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The blender game engine was removed from the official trunk-
there is however a branch of 2.8 with BGE in it, thanks to the awesome community.

Also there’s interactive mode, which is still in development. But I haven’t heard any news on that for a while now.

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Thx for the help :slight_smile:

DUDES , Blender 2.80 (Standard doesn’t come with a Game Engine!)
But UPBGE 2.80 known as UPBGE-EEVEE does come with the Game Engine and also latest news the exporter has been made so u can make EEVEE Games now !!!

export blender Games using Eevee renderer !!!


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Bpy is not yet in standalone though - so many features are not working yet and there are no bindings in bge module

Car games / flight sims are totally doable now.

blending animations is one of the big ones that needs fixed though to make standalone games worth it in eeevee.

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can’t you use drivers and shapekeys for this ?

@edderkop @lordloki_reloaded is back and will likely just hook up the action system.


before not everything was linked into the upbge action system

animation moved to

and constraints moved to

and you are correct you could likely use drivers, but how will bge python manipulate them?
action bricks?