[2.80] Lily Surface Scraper: Import material from a simple URL

@B_Layer The last release should fix this at least the “bundled” version: https://github.com/eliemichel/LilySurfaceScrapper/releases/tag/v1.3.4_rc2

@rashomon Missing buttons suggest that there is an error, go and look at the system console (and copy paste it here so that I can tell more)

@atekdigital @Alfonso_Almaguer There was an issue at the time because cc0textuires was migrating to a new architecture. It is now fixed.

@atekdigitalYou must link the UV to the “Vector” input of the mapping node, not to the “Scale”

@AlexeyAdamitsky @Tosky I did not really grasp what you meant about a custom folder. For quick tests without having to save the file, I recommend setting up a common folder in the add-on preferences so that all your scenes share the same texture bank. This way if you use the same texture in several scenes, it is not downloaded again.

The problem was that it was older version which I thought was new version because I got it from wrong site. It works great now. Thank you!

Just found about this addon and it’s become my favorite for textures, no need to store all the textures, and we can explore on their webpage.


“Scrapper” rhymes with “Crapper”. Don’t you mean “Scraper”?
Sorry if this was obvious…

Yeah this has been reported already ^^ I meant “Scraper” but once you’ve got a typo in the GitHub repo’s name it’s hard to fix it! I can at least redact the title of this thread though.

Hey there, thanks for this addon :slight_smile:
I was wondering though, if you could add the feature to save the images with the name of the material on the site. For exemple 4k_cobble_stones_roughness.png and so on.
If you really don’t have the time, i can try it myself but as i don’t know how you designed you addon exactly, i think it will take far more time than if i let you do it XD
Another one also, would be to put a separator choice for material names, so we can replace the slash with something else. (It would avoid to have to rename material after fetching)

Thanks :wink:

Hi @Darknoodles I added your suggestion in the ticket system here: https://github.com/eliemichel/LilySurfaceScraper/issues/133

Today’s news is that https://ieslibrary.com/en/home is now supported for importing lights!
Get the new release here: https://github.com/eliemichel/LilySurfaceScraper/releases/tag/v1.6.0


Wow ! Really great addon !

With the arrival of the asset manager, can we imagine an integration of the addon? Have the shader preview directly in the asset manager, without going through a web browser. <3

In any case, great job !

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i have ubuntu 18.04
and i try to istall lily 1.1.3

the procedure that i use is:
1 download zip file
2 in user prefernces istall

now you can see the message in the screenshot below right say:

source parh is istalled in blender/.config/script/add on

but in user preferences there is not lily.

How i must to do for install lily?

in blender 282a

Hello, I have proposition - if it’s possible to move “Use Ground HDRI” button into the “World Properties” tab:

so it can look like this:

Thank you for this addon - imo it’s must have lol
Have a nice day! :sun_with_face:

Yes! I can now import multi-layer pbr textures in one go!

Hey there i really appreciate this add on been, but to my surprise this evening importing the HDRI isn’t working :frowning: underneath i placed a picture of the error line, i tried looking on the internet for the solution but to no avail, so if you guys could lend me some help i would be very grateful.

PS: using a windows operating system and blender 2.91.2