2.80 Marble Mouse - can't click select, zoom

I’ve not tried a 2.80 build for a while, so thought that now it was in Beta I would start to dive in.

It looks beautiful, but I’m really struggling with the basics. If I click on an object (left or right) then nothing happens - doesn’t select it. The scroll wheel doesn’t zoom, the middle mouse doesn’t pan or rotate.

I can select by left click and dragging a box, so the input is recognised. I can also middle click in a keymap item and it comes up as “Middle Mouse” so that is recognised, just doesn’t work in the 3D view.

Has 2.80 changed something so fundamental, or is it just this build or my trackball? Tried yesterday and today’s builds.

I’ve tried Preferences/Viewport/Selection OpenGL Depth Picking toggled on and off. Also Edit/Lock Object Modes.

Any advice gratefully received. I want to play with my new toy!

Any advice out there? I’ve tried with my Wacom Bamboo as well. Same problem: I can drag a box and middle click to drag menus up and down, but I cannot select an object with left or right mouse, nor pan/scroll/zoom. Works fine in 2.79.

I’m about to submit as a bug, but I feel pretty sure that there is new button/option somewhere that I’m missing.

press space ->select (long press for more options), or use w to toggle between selections, see if that helps.

Basically, if you are one of those “industry standards” cry babies you will be a bit happier with 2.8, if you are one of those “hardcore Blender” zealots you will be a bit sad to use 2.8

Thanks. I appreciate the input. But Space just starts the animation on this build.

Certainly not an industry cry-baby, but I’m dying to get into 2.8 and adapt my almost-20-years of experience with Blender. It’s going to be a long road if I can’t even select things to start with!

Yeah sorry, I set my space as “tools”, you can set it in edit->pref->keymap, the default behavior is the prime monument of the cry babies. As you know, or you do not know, pressing space is a well established industry standard for playing animation. I feel sorry for you that you have been kept in the dark for this long. Basically 2.8 is the triumph of the “industry standards”, a grand victory against dark and old thoughts, a renaissance of accepting well defined and carefully thought industry standards.

As the old saying goes, the louder you cry the more milk you get. I just made it up, but goes well with the context.

Well I hope things aren’t so bad, but I understand your frustration. Industry standards are often annoying when they mean change to established ways of working. The Microsoft Ribbon still annoys me, for example.

Anyway, I’ve reported as a bug. My console is full of errors, I’ve noticed, so something clearly not right with my setup and the recent builds. Image attached, because maybe somebody else has the same problem and will find their way here.

It really does not bother me as much as it sounded. I just used the opportunity to explain the new changes. Whatever really.I just personally found it amusing that some people hid behind “industry standards” to sound legit to get what they want, as if there is such a thing as industry standard keymaps, which is balooney. Blender is neither a graphics card chip driver nor a network card driver. Only standards it has to adhere “if the devs want” are the export/import file format standards, the rest is pure speculation.

I recommend you rename your profile folder, and try again. Make sure there are no conflicting Python installation. 2.79 stuff is not going to work with 2.8 if you just copied over.

In case anybody else needs/finds this …

The solution is to delete your 2.80 profile folder and start with a new profile. My old keymap was being imported from 2.79 which caused the errors. The profile folder is in: C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender

Thanks to the developers, who had resolved this for me in a few hours.