2.80 problems baking AO on multiple materials in a single mesh

Dont know if this is supposed to work but no reason why it CANT.
I have one object with multiple (closed) meshes inside, some that overlap. Normals have all been set to pointing outward.
I am trying to bake AO to a single image that is used in all of the materials.
However, I get crazy results as shown in the below. I will share the file if necessary but hoping to hear something simple. See the original color and AO results below.
(btw, how do I embed images here instead of links?)

That is indeed very odd. Are there meshes duplicated? I mean does overlapping mean just intersecting, or following the same surface? Blender never likes the latter. If that isn’t the cause of the problem, yes, a blend file would help.

Thanks for the reply. You questions stimulated me to use the 3D printer toolbox on it and what a mess! And here I thought I cleaned everything up. Some of my meshes were actually cut into pieces; I must have accidentally hit some kind of special vertex split command.
Anyway, seems to making more sense now. thanks again.