2.80 Release Plan (Blender Developers Blog)

The following release schedule was agreed on at the Homestretch workshop:

  • Mid May: finish remaining features and polish user interface (list of tasks on developer.blender.org). These are relatively simple changes to the design, or additions to really complete the new functionality.
  • First week of June: developers focuses on updating user manual in their areas of expertise.
  • Mid June: fix all high priority bugs. Other bugs may be fixed as well, but bugs marked as high priority are the ones that we consider to block the final release.
  • July: 2.80 release

The core development team will focus fully on the priorities for 2.80 in the coming months. Patches will have to wait, and we encourage developers working on new features to get them in a fully polished state so that they can go into the next release.

After 2.80 we will follow a fixed release schedule. That means 2.81 would be released 3 months later. There are many great patches under development or almost ready to be included (for example UDIM), but which would delay the 2.80 release too much.


So we are 3 months before the stable blender 2.8 release !! To be honest I expected much earlier like at the end of the May,
But it’s ok I want b2.8 to be super stable !!


I really prefer a rock solid 2.80 release rather than a rushed one just to keep a deadline.
And it’s not like the current builds of 2.80 are crashy or melt your computers :wink:

Yeah I use the daily builds and it’s very stable
This is the reason why I expecting much sooner release

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do you have any tips for keeping up to date on the software? On my win8 system its kind of a pain to do an upgrade, so I figure I’m doing something wrong. Are you pulling from git and building?

From here

If you are on Windows, you could just use this: https://github.com/overmindstudios/BlenderUpdater/releases

It’s a small app that checks the nightly builds site and automatically downloads and extracts the version you select. Couldn’t be much easier than this :wink:

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Hi, just for info, the App run on Linux with W.I.N.E.
You cant run Blender from it, you have to make the file “blender” executable.
Then all runs fine.

Nice, mib

perfect thanks!

Just wanted to bump this thread to see if someone could clarify what the final release date is for 2.8? I know there has been a release candidate so i assume the final release is… soon?

I suppose Ton’s tweet holds a clue but has there been any follow up to it :slight_smile: ?

There will be an RC2 probably later this week. This means that the release won’t be this Thursday as originally hoped, but now has a very high chance of happening on the 25th. So I would guess there’s about an 85% chance that 2.80 official will be released on July 25th.