2.81 Bugs

Is it just me or does 2.81 have a ton of bugs! It could be I didn’t download it properly but the workflow is driving me crazy. Things disappear then other strange things appear. If anyone knows something I’m doing wrong to cause this give me a heads up!

This is solid mode for me in 2.81

I have no idea what those corner things are. At first I thought maybe it was an Evvee lighting thing since I know the way that engine does lighting can do some strange things, but I’m in cycles and in solid not rendered.

This is another view.

Looks like corrugated cardboard.

This is solid with x-ray enabled.

This is only one small thing! Anybody know what I might be doing wrong?

Looks like a “clipping” parameter of view issue, far clip way too high ?

I have it set at 100,000 m. Part of my scene was getting cropped out of the work area so I turned it up that high. I didn’t realize there was a limit on it.

Just changed the ‘close’ clip from .0001 to .01 and it went away.