2.81 development; UI/UX

on UV mapping

Someone made a video about UDIM support for 2.81 that I saw earlier today:

What is SLIM exactly? Don’t know all the terminology yet. :smiley:


Cool! How do you know that it’s getting added in 2.81? The thread is pretty old and I can’t see any specific updates about a 2.81 released.

I don’t know, it was a hopeful prediction :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to add that what he said about the modifiers AND the gizmo for bend, is solved by this addon, mimicking one of the few things Max does well Modifier List 1.3.1 (Improved Lattice + other stuff)

William kisses a bunch of duplicate entries in sculpt mode goodbye.

One less thing for the BForArtists guy to fix when he rebases to 2.81 :slight_smile:


I figured this would be as good a place to ask as any, since it’s supposedly an up and coming feature in 2.81.

What exactly are static overrides? I see them mentioned all the time (may have even read a vague explanation that’s long since slipped out of mind), but I’m not exactly sure what they do.

Why is it such a nice feature to have, and why is it so closely related to the materials browser we may also be getting in this up and coming version?




… and if possible assign a color to a tab so that we can visually find what we look for…

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I never understood if static overrides are also the overrides for the rendering settins of single objects or not …
in many cases I have the need to “override” some object options, such as turning off the volumetric emission of a single object light when I activate volumetrics and things like that … "
I created a post about this …

I have the feeling they are not the same thing.

I am eagerly waiting overrides for render layers, and I think they are coming… at some point… any news on those?

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I hope so … since I was using XSI in the early 2000s that I miss these needs :sweat_smile:

You can filter them but they don’t turn off. Any idea where I’d request them to actually be turned off? Or maybe addons have an API to check if they are currently bound to the current workspace? Need something to disable keybindings when they’re not available in the workspace if it doesn’t already exist.

Several UI commits today.

More operators exposed in the console window (from Peter Fog)

Text display header (in the text editor UI) is back due to requests.

Info editor menus (from Peter Fog)

Sequencer UI adjustments, cleaning things up and making everything less confusing and more logical (also from Peter Fog, reviewed by William).

Looks like we have an up and coming active volunteer dev. for the UI area (to help William) :slight_smile:


guys applause :slight_smile:

Good. Here’s the first thing I do everytime I open the txt editor.


Why not enable those by default? :upside_down_face:


Wouldn’t it stay that way, when you save a start up file?
I’m not aty computer so I can’t test it.

I don’t know if this goes here, but the baking UI and workflow could really use some serious love. The fact that you need to insert an empty image node into the material and then put that into the image you want to bake… for simple hi to low tangent normals, could definitely be improved. There are issues with choosing right tile size in Cycles etc. Lot of counter-intuitive fiddling around until you might or might not get a good bake.

Is anybody doing this or is this even on anybodys radar?


There is this patch/task, but I don’t know what the status on it is.


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