2.81 development; UI/UX

Well, it’s a step in the right direction… still, files can’t be renamed with “ctrl+left click”.
And since there’s also no right click contextual menu, is there any other way to rename files from Blender’s browser?
Also, while saving images Blender doesn’t warns the user when files are overwritten!

But… there is!

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It does in the form of a red filename field, but you may want a dialog ?

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You can add that shortcut yourself if you want. Just open the context menu like Michael showed, then you R click Rename and press Assign Shortcut. Now you can make your own. :slight_smile:

I hope this is a windows only thing. What happens if I don’t have a trash folder on my system? Will Blender mess with file system and create one? Guess I have to test.

:poop: Contextual menu doesn’t work with Right Click Select :persevere:

If anyone wonders, shortcut for right-clickers is “W” or simply remap keys under Preferences > Keymap > File Browser (Global) > Files Context Menu:upside_down_face: done

… and to add your own “Rename File or Directory” shortcut/command to Keymap - file.rename is its identifier :wink:

Yes it does. For right click select it is invoked with W. Right click obviously cannot be used because it’s use for selection.

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NP… I already set it to my taste.
After all this time observing and using few most prominent UIs my mind automatically switches when I see The Browser. Even tho I’m a well seasoned Blenderhead :wink:

Hi. I noticed that the “Delete with Reconnected” function does not work properly on all nodes in the “World” area (gif below), is it a bug or a new feature?


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Hmmm, looks like it doesn’t reconnect when the sockets are of differing types.

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There seems to be several issues with node wrangler atm. Hope it gets updated proper for 2.81 final.

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It seems that in version 2.79b it worked similarly, operator does not connect nodes of different dot colors. Theoretically it seems logical, but in my opinion it is inconsistent, because the user should decide whether to keep nodes connected or not…
What do you think of that?

I also think it should keep them connected.

Huh, I noticed that these release notes (https://wiki.blender.org/wiki/Reference/Release_Notes/2.81/Grease_Pencil) said there are new grease pencil brushes in 2.81, but I don’t see them, though I do see other changes like the self overlap and merge by distance operator (at least as of the build from today). Is there a setting or place I missed to look, other than where the rest of the brushes are? Or were they taken out? :thinking:

They are not present in General template that uses previous presets by default.
Probably to avoid to mess-up with startup.blend file of other developers ; currently, they are present by default only if you launch a 2D Animation template.

You can create this set of brushes in any blend file by pressing Create Preset Brushes button, present inside Brush panel.


Ahh, that explains it. Thanks!

@William: I recently noticed an issue probably related to the design of the active-tool-paradigm:
In 2.80 and onwards, the viewport-gizmo labled ‘Navigate’ always disappears, as soon as I invoke whatever tool.
Now the thing is, during modelling I might be well aware I need to move my selection by e.g. 0.3m in global X-direction. But more often than not, my sense of orientation within my current viewport doesn’t make it obvious weather that would be positive or negative (global) X-direction.

So I might have my selection, hit ‘G’, hit ‘X’ and in 2.79 I’d glance over at the little arrows to see which direction is actually positive global X, such as to know weather I need to hit ‘-0.3’ or ‘0.3’ next.

But this I can’t do anymore in 2.8. As soon as I hit G, the Navigate-gizmo is gone. So I need to abort, check for the axis and start over again.

Thus I beg you to make the Navigate-gizmo persistent again. The way it is now makes it almost useless altogether. Quite frankly, it’s a bit beyond me why it was designed this way to begin with, it’s basically an immediate hindrance to a smooth workflow, the way I see it.

greetings, Kologe

This feature is needed in sculpt mode as well every time i hit the symmetrize button i never know where is my x-positive or negative. I get it wrong in 99% :rofl:

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It’s not a UI design issue, it’s a technical issue. Gizmos can’t currently be visible while a modal operator is running. It’s a silly limitation.

So I guess that makes it a software design issue :slightly_smiling_face:. !
Still though, we do have three choices in the prefs about the viewport-axis:

I see the ‘Interactive Navigation’ option needs the viewport-axis-thing to be a gizmo (for you need to be able to interact with it).
On the other hand, if I choose ‘Simple Axis’, the axis-thing looses all clickability anyway.

So, can’t we separate the ‘Simple Axis’-version from the ‘Interactive Navigation’-version? We’d leave the latter as is but de-gizmofy the former and turn it into a non-gizmo overlay (like e.g. the 3D-cursor). Problem solved.
Now only the other navigation-controls need to be their separate thing there still. But they have their separate toggle in the preferences already anyway, so why not?
Here’s a pretty picture:


What do you think @William?

greetings, Kologe