2.81 experimental build, child particles do not show up in display

Hi folks, trying 2.81 experimental build.
add particles to a simple cube, setting it to render as lines, and display as rendered…activating childparticles, but no child particles are visible at all, I have tried set it to display as point, and render as point as well, but no child particles no matter how many I set, I heard that interpolated may not work (yet?) but not even simple is working for me.

This doesn´t work in older 2.80 betaversion either…this is about the openGL visibility, rendering I have to tackle later.
What gives?

So…still no answer…
Surely someone must know something about child particles in blender 2.81 ?
I am talking about child particles not showing up at all in opengl display.


Hi Michael, just tested it.Interpolated didn´t work as you´ve said.
For Simple children try this, I use Blender 2.81 official Release:

Set under Particle Settings --> Render --> the default “Halo” to some Object like Sphere,IcoSphere,etc.(you have to create one in the scene)
This worked for me.

About Particles System generally:
Because of upcoming systems like Everything Nodes, Animation Nodes or Functions Branch, my guess is they don´t give much attention to the old particle system, cause it will be replaced in the near future.

Thanks DERBENDER, I tried your solution but it will not help out, though it just shows you can render child particles with the help of object instancing, but it is actually the line render mode with trail settings I need when working with particles, so unfortunately a bit sad that they couldn´t implement the old particle system as it was or better…rather than leaving it more crippled than blender 2.79.

The line display is essential in order to have child particles with trail options.

Which means I will have to switch back and use 2.79 for the particle work, I thought I could try and focus on working more with 2.81 but it seems I can´t.

in my case childerns are not visible when set physic to none… it is quiet anoying