2.81+ Mapping Node help [Applying a decal/image without repetitions]

There used to be a min/max value to set if you wanted to only have an overlay image appear a single time.

With the updates I haven’t been able to locate any specific instructions on what the new workflow is to achieve what I’m looking for. Referring to my picture, I need the label just to appear on the front and not repeated in the back. Thanks to anyone that helps solve this issue!



Change the repeat parameter into extend or clip in the image texture node.

Oh right, I should mention all of the solutions that I have tried for myself: your suggestion being one of them as well as changing the type of mapping in the Mapping Node. Neither have changed the amount of repetitions, just the positioning of the label.

I’ve tried the vector math node trick as well as discussed here: https://developer.blender.org/T69989

So the “workaround” for me was to UV unwrap, ‘project from view’ my face of the bottle, center it up with the image, threw the rest of the UV in a small corner… was hoping for a min/mix solution without all the typical UV workflow and just stick with the Object vector mapping. I will stay tuned to this thread to see if there is an answer that pops up.

Hmm, I guess I misunderstood your actual problem. Might be the way you set up decals wrong? If you can share blend file here, I could take a look.

Not sure what the problem actually is. I have no problem doing what I set out to do in this case. Below I am doing negative x scale on the backside but I’m not checking for different shading for the backside of the label which should be diffuse/translucent white I guess.

That said, I never understood what those min max stuff was all about in the first place :slight_smile: