2.81 serie and up Load UI option?

when I want to open a file
where can i find the Load ui

tried all menu and can’t find it !

I can see it in the user preferences
but not on the window for file open !

happy bl

it’s here:

so small I did not even see it

is there a way to save new set up with this window open up ?

and what happen with the one in the user preferences
do you unable it or not?

happy bl

I can’t find a way to have that panel out by default. I did find that you can click the gear icon to open that panel (a bit more accessible than the tiny arrow), or you can press the N key.

I generally think it’s best to leave load UI checked by default, personally.

Often I configure the UI in a way that is specific to the file, and I don’t see a benefit to losing that UI configuration. Every once in a while, a file’s UI is so messed up it’s hard/impossible to work with and that’s when I uncheck load UI.

that is strange I did click on that gear icon and did not get it
now it works fine

I got a lot of hold files done in 2.79 and many time I prefer to upload the UI cause I have some script window already opened up or some special set up done
so in these cases I prefer not to Load UI and use the old one

but anyway I got where to find it now
so it will be good enough

happy bl