2.81a - Linux - Image texture node - copy - data block reference

Hello Everyone,

In the past, it seems that I was able to use the same image texture, in different nodes with different color space - one as SGRB, and the other as Non-color.

Now when I try that in 2.81a, ii I am using the same image, and change the color space in one node, they both change. It appears that when I copy using shift-d, there are 2 users of the data block, and I have to click to make single user copy - see below. I get the same results if, instead of copying, I add a new image texture, then either select the same image from the pull-down, or manually add the image from the file browser. Is there a setting that controls this? I don’t recall having to do this in the past.

I tested this in 2.79b, and, although the image textures reference the same data block, the color / non-color option could be changed in one without affecting the other.

Edit - the other settings in the node can be changed (Linear / Flat / Repeat / Single Image) independently, but not the color space.

It helps to understand OOP, but the color space is now tied to the image data as opposed to the node, so to use different color space on the same image, you need a separate data block for the image, thus making a single user copy works.


Thanks, I see that single user copy works, I would just expect that shift-d would not force a tie to the image - just as it doesn’t with respect to mesh object and mesh.

I wouldn’t expect any linking unless using alt-d.

Thanks again