2.82 official, issue with reading keyboard?

I’m having severe issues with official 2.82 on linux, in that keyboard input is not recognized as well as it used to. During straght forward simple mesh edits, the shift key may get stuck confusing the hell out of me. Or running a cloth sim, I can’t break it if it runs at low fps (say on a subdiv’ed object - on one of them I couldn’t even stop playback and had to force quit). I can’t see any resource hogs in system monitor. I ran cloth sims on beta from a couple of days ago with no issues. Anyone else experiencing this?

Also, one of my meshes won’t run as a cloth sim - at all, no response. Anything special that needs to be in order on a mesh for it to work? Clothing a cube works, but fails if I link the other mesh. I didn’t try this before though.

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I have been having a stuck alt key every now and then since 2.81. Sometimes the alt key getw stuck and instead of zooming when mouse wheeling the timeline is scrolled.
I have to move the window in which Blender runs to reset and then the alt key becomes unstuck.
That is on Ubuntu.

It didn’t fix itself restarting several times. But 2.82 got fixed apparently when I downloaded and ran 2.83 alpha. The mesh issue not working as cloth was because of collapsed vertices into a single location.

Hello there. I’m having keyboard issues as well, guess it’s some kind of weird bug out there. It happens time to time and all of a sudden…tried everything (also reverting to 2.81) but nothing happens…

I’m having the same issue! 2.82a, ubuntu 18.04. It fixes itself when I close and reopen blender, but it’s happening more frequently in the past two days. Today It’s happened 3 times in an hour. Haven’t found a fix yet and it’s pretty frustrating :confused:

Yeah I’m still having severe issues. What’s worse is that Blender doesn’t even inform you that it thinks you have a modifier key pressed (when you don’t). So I’m constantly hammering shift, ctrl, and alt keys to release whatever it thinks I’m pressing. I’ve had many accidents, but they’re not Bob Ross moments.

Having the same issue… seems like the problem comes from blenderkit addon. Tried to uncheck it but blender crashed and closed, I had to remove --purge from the snap store, remove only will not do the trick. No problems so far after 4 hours and heavy use.

Ubuntu 20.04
Blender 2.82.7

Ubuntu 18.04
Blender 2.82a

Same issue :frowning:

I’m having the same issue. It happens whenever any modifier key is pressed (Shift, Command, Control or Alt). It could be temporarily unblocked by switching to another application then do a mouse click or hitting the Alt key then switch back.
Reverting to older versions (2.81, 2.79) doesn’t help. Also tried to remove all config files, the issue remains.

I found out my problem is not with Blender but with the installed Wacom driver (or maybe it’s a device faulty, I don’t know). Remap the ExpressKeys to any other than one of the modifiers fixes it for me.