2.82 Sequencer limits scene strip to 250? Duration is not taken in account?

As you can see in the screenshot, selected Reve(2).001 scene is 965 long (duration in the N panel)

But at frame 250, it simply stops rendering and indeed, green filling stops at 1470 of the main timeline (1220+250), where I set my playhead.
I double-checked the imported scene and the strip tabs in the scene, AFAIK there’s no 250 entered anywhere as an end.
Or did I miss a 250 somewhere?
Thanks for your help!

Replying to myself:
SHIFT+ALT+R (strip > inputs > reload strips and adjust length) is the solution.
Weird that it doesn’t adjust by itself to duration?

This happened to me when I started a default scene 250 frames. then I when to the Compositor and imported the scene. Stretching the scene in Compositor allways left the scene as 250 frames. Going back to Default Layout and adjusting the frames there corrected the frame count also later back in the Compositor.

Thanks for sharing your solution! I selected it instead of mine.

Which workspace/scene? Compositor/main or another scene.001?