2.82 weird smoke behavior - lingering


Hopefully someone has seen this before and can give me some insight.

here’s a link to the rendered animation:

here’s a link to the blend file:

Basically, it is a fairly simple scene of a small rectangular plane that is generating smoke to simulate smoke pouring out of a window. There is a holdout object that is a rectangular prism with an “alcove” that contains the inflow plane. There is also a “wind” effector field to help push the smoke out of the window.

What is weird is that the smoke on the outside of the column, especially near the emitter, appears to hang in place while the inner column seems to be accelerating upwards.

I would have expected ALL of the smoke at the emitter to be rising fast and, if anything, slowing down as it expands and gets further away. It is almost like it is doing the opposite. Even the fact that I needed to add wind to get the smoke to leave the window space in any quantity is sort of counter intuitive to me

Here are some screen captures of the wireframe view, the inflow plane and the domain settings. I am a new member so I have limited capabilities to add images and links - I will post the other images in a second post


Here is the emitter

And the Domain

Thanks again!