2.83.5 VSE Audio desynchronizing

I’m trying to sync some video and audio in the VSE, and when I add a sound file (WAV) it shows up apparently normally, but the waveform is out of whack, and the audio ends well before the strip. If I hit pause, then resume, the audio comes back a few seconds before the point at which I hit pause. I can actually get it to do that several times in succession until the audio strip actually ends.

This seems like a pretty big bug. In the meantime, do i trust the audio, the waveform, or the strip length to add my video? I’ve tried the Cache thing and it may help when rendering, but it’s still a real pain when trying to edit.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

I haven’t experienced problems with audio files for quite a while BUT… it may be that you have an incompatible encoding of your WAV file. Try transcoding to something a little less compressed?