2.9 Dark mirror ground for object showing

Hi all :slight_smile:

I wonder wether there’s a way to achieve this kind of visual for the ground:
This comes from a blender user drawing on Artstation…

My only best result is this with a mirror ground… i think i’m missing someting :confused:

Thanks all for you help :slight_smile:

And happy blending !

are you using cycles or eevee?

this is certainly possible, just depends on what you are looking for:
this is eevee with a reflection plane probe

I use cycles.

And btw i got better results by tweaking shader parameters with glossy shader ( instead of principled wich seams not convenient for mirroring )
Thought i did not reach the reference image, i’m approaching :wink:
I guess that some bump would greatly enhance the result too. I have to try this…

Happy blending !

finally i’m somewhat happy with this one…

I think that with an AO node i can make some overexposure on light parts near the mirror plane…

happy blending :slight_smile: