2.9 displacement bake cheat

I guess tens of topics talk about this and rumble at the lack of displacement bake in 2.8+

I sincerely hope this pisses-off devs till they make this work, and post in BASICS on purpose as it’s IMHO something more than basic: it’s mandatory.

BI did this damn easily in 2.79- but progress forced to us by devs supressed it.
I know it’s not fun and cool to make such an important thing but this really have to be developped and as cycles bakes normals, i can believe it’s some few code line to change it to displacement ( as normals come from displacement ).

So my question is quite simple: is there a nightly build ( or a fork ) made by a serious dev/user that implements displacement baking ?

Currently i’m trying to find/make a cheat to bake displacements. I will post more here soon.
This seems to work not too bad and though promising it’s somewhat boring to set up. This means that user won’t bake hundreds of disps in a raw.

See you very soon !

Happy blending !

replying to myself for consistent info on the cheat:

Here’s the base mesh:

subdivided, creased, sculpted, modified, displaced…
Though it’s not as nice as in my dreams, it’s kinda acceptable ( gargoyles in chuches are often far from the obeserver eyes… )
This one is 3,5M tris…
What i need is having almost the same visual result with 50ish triangles…

I know the result could be much better ( btw it is when baking and using normals with cycles normals baking ) but i cannot use normalmaps. Only displacement ( eg height ) maps.

I do not want to use multires modifier ( simply because i have none ).

Tell me what you think about this at 1st sight.

I’ll come back soon with the detailed process for doing this…

Happy blending !