2.9 merge vertices not working

When I used to select two vertices and hit “M”, I was given a choice of first, last, center. First and last have now disappeared, leaving only center. Is there a way to turn on those two choices?

Thanks for any clues.

You only get a choice of first and last if you click select (with or without modifiers). If you bulk-select with box, circle or lasso, there’s no order to selection, thus no first or last.

Thanks, I understand that and I am click selecting in a certain order. The problem is intermittent. I finally appended the object to another file and the problem went away. Some other factor is at play.

Oh? Do you still have the misbehaving original? Could you perhaps share it for vivisec… er… closer examination?

Sorry, no. But this is not the first time this has happened, so if it happens again, I will do a better job of isolating it and send you a file for examination. Thanks again for your help.

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