2.9 Producing outputs to multiple files/directories from one blend file?

I remember that scenes used to have the feature that you could specify a distinct output destination (directory, file-name prefix) for each one. In 2.9 this feature seems to have disappeared. Am I overlooking something?

I would set up linked scenes, each with their own active Camera, and specify a distinct output for each one. In this way, I could quickly and easily film the same set of stage-business from every camera just by cycling between the scenes and rendering.

Output Properties->Output->Output Path (i.e. its in the printer-icon tab below render-properties)
Every scene maintains its own output path and render settings.

Thanks for that. It wasn’t at all clear to me from the user interface that this was still the case – and I ruefully admit now that I hadn’t actually tried it … :roll_eyes:

I learnt that every scene maintaining its own output path and render settings is a thing. Win-win.