2.9 Rigify Horse + Dog rigging issues (Collapsed eye bones + front legs bending in wrong direction)

Hi guys! Blender noob here. I’ve been having a nightmare trying to rig this character using rigify in 2.9, but I am pretty close (maybe? lol). Unfortunately, she has two issues. The first and more pressing issue is that her right eye bones got jacked up when I accidentally renamed the ‘eye.R’ bone. I noticed right away and ctrl+Z undid the renaming. Everything is named properly, but it seems that the eyelid bones have lost track of eye.R anyways. They don’t respond when I move the eye control either. I’ve gone through checking names and parent/child relationships several times, including the hidden layer bones, but nothing I have tried works. It doesn’t do this in Rest pose though.

The second issue is the front legs of the horse rig bend in the wrong direction (inwards). I found out that that happened because I put the knee bone too far forward in the skeleton, but I was wondering is there any way to fix that sans starting all over with a new rig?

I was thinking these bones ↓ had something to do with the bend direction (I could be wrong, am noob, like I said lol) and I was going to try rotating them, but the bones will not highlight and can’t be selected or manipulated…

(But like I said the leg issue is not AS pressing, because I can use the adjustment bones to force the leg into the correct position, but still would be nice if they bent correctly to start with.)

Anyway, I uploaded the rig below if that helps, I hope I am just missing something obvious. I have been trying to rig her for almost a month and will be super grateful for any help or tips hahaha…….And sorry for all the pics, I am a visual learner lol.

blendrig.zip (1.6 MB) (it was too big to upload her geometry sorry V_V;)