2.9: the 3D view display modes in comparison to 2.79

Hey guyz !

I recently switched from 2.79 to 2.9.
I have to confess that as my jump in the void when switching from 2.49 to 2.72, this later one was painfull and boring: unlearning and relearning the UI and the ‘mind’ of the tool.

But just like the lip from 2.49 to 2.72 where i rapidly became addict to the new version and finally went up to the 2.79b that i kept for some years as it really worked fine when all shitties were debugged and removed, i’m now addict to 2.9 ^^
I have to mention that i’m an old rumbler and that i flee from updating to later version, just for updating… Like some few people, i hate changes on a tool that i master comfortably :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s now more than one month that i use 2.9 and i have to say it’s awesome !
To be totally honest i now know that i won’t get back to 2.79, even for some .blend that won’t work in 2.9. I will take/spend/waste time to port my blends to 2.9.
Now that flowers are thrown ( and that the devs got all those flowers :tada: :rose: :tulip: :blossom: :sunflower: :ear_of_rice: :bouquet: ) i have to talk about what i really damn don’t like… The 3D view modes.

And i wonder wether am the only one or if users like me are legions ?

3D view is the interface that only the 3D artist will see.
Far from considering that i’m an artist, i’m at least a very old blender user and what i use/need from 3D view is viewing meshes and scene for editing and making the all nice and amazing.

  • The wireframe: was kinda usefull on weak machines but is almost useless today on complex meshes…

  • The solid: Is the one that i use most when modeling/sculpting meshes accurately. It allow a view just like if i were a bird able to get far or close to the point i wanna modify. This mode is freedom and bliss as it’s fast to draw, visually consistent, accurate and allows visual eases like mesh colors and some other features.

  • The preview: here comes the pain… this mode seems based on EEVEE but only works in certain conditions. Outside those conditions, you’ll get black meshes even if you paid the time for loading all the materials textures etc…
    IMO it’s a slow useless shitty mode and EEVEE was the worst and heaviest choice to be made for preview.

    It needs lights ( hopefully it don’t need athmosphere scat & postpro effects ) for showing and it’s ( uselessly ) quite close fo final render.

In 2.79 i used this mode for UV edition: UV unwrap, UV manual trimming including UV sculpt. I’m totally unable to work on UVs with this 3D view mode as it’s far too slow and heavy and it’s too far from preview.

This ( ugly but usefull ) mode was called ‘material’ mode and was using simple texture blendings without lightings and was perfect for UV editing, showing realtime result in 3D view.I would never have imagined making my UV edition with the cycles render mode ^^ It was too slow and uselessly realistic at this stage of the modeling. However it’s what we got in 2.9…

The render: this mode is indeed quite interresting to me as a preview or for posting questions here on BA forum. But again IMH it’s not a render ! It’s only a render preview ! Please tell me if you find on ArtStation of here in finished projects something like this:

( sorry for the pink shit, i’ve lost one texture :confused: )
As far as i know a render in Blender is done by pressing F12 and needs a camera ^^
I however often use this mode as it’s a nice preview mode but honestly i see absolutely no interrest for vertex/edge/face/contour and grid display in this mode !
Image are only visually usefull after 4 seconds and noone will wait for 4 seconds before changing a bit this vert position or those faces orientation…
Again this is IMHO a stupid choice in 2.9 and it was better in 2.79 !

My complaints come for the 2 later render modes in 3D views that are simply useless ( or very little usefull ) to me who is a quite simple user ( modeling/texturing/baking 3D objects ). Aside this i lost an extremely usefull mode called material preview mode.

Finally in solid view mode, you can show flat texture mapping. It’s now the one i use for UV sculpting. But changing from this one to solid is not convenient.
I confess a configurable display mode system would be convenient ^^

My question is to know wether i’m the only user unhappy with the mat-preview & render modes ?

Maybe i should make a poll :wink:

Happy blending !

Finally i reply to myself, aving found some workaround ( as often in blender :stuck_out_tongue: ) for it’s usability & for my workflow.

As i said, what i needed in 3D view are those modes:

  • wireframe ( not very often )
  • solid for 3D navigation/edition
  • textured ( simply for fast rendering ) for UV edition & immediate visual result control
  • rendered ( not often at all )

my solution came from shortcuts !
I used Z for switching between wireframe & solid
—> 2.9 key shortcuts
and I used Page UP for switching between solid & textured
—> 2.9: the art of keyboard shortcuts

This way my workflow is just perfect, like it was on 2.79 ! and i don’t get bored or overwhelmed with menus, options and other useless ( to me ) things…

At last but not least, i reinstalled with ease the Magic UV addon ( that works fine in 2.9 ). Now i only have the command recorder addon to check :slight_smile:

Honestly and for my particular use of blender, except for rendering and fireflies handling wich is much better in 2.9 than in 2.79, i now feel no noticeable difference between 2.9 and 2.79.
Except maybe on performance for million triangles meshes in edit mode…

If you feel some things that were better in 2.79 and in 2.9, just write here and if i can help you do the jump, i’ll be happy :wink:

Happy blending !