2.91.0 Scale and preference saving issues

Since I am an Ubuntu user, I get every update when released (if I like it or not). I appreciate all of the improvements that are being done to the software, but every release costs me at least 1/2 a day disruption to my work while I try to get the new release scale and preference configured like it was before the upgrade. In previous releases I would simply load my DefaultCfg.blend file, save preferences and tweek any settings that did not get updated from this process. However, with 2.91 this process is not working.

Issue 1. I use Blender for 3D modeling and use a “mm” rather than a “m” scale and have several add-ons configured to this purpose. After the update, everytime I open a new file, I have to go through and resetting the scale and preferences again.

Issue 2. Why do I have to go through this process for every release? Why cannot my configuration be ported forward to the new version??

BTW: I really like the changes to the Outliner and Bool. Makes my job a lot easier. Thanks!